paid instagram followers

Are Paid Instagram followers really worth it?

Paid Instagram followers, It is needless to say that Social media has an influencing role in everyone’s life. People these days are not leading their life on their own terms. Instead, they are following their social influencer in everything they do. Starting from the way they talk, to the way they dress, users follow almost everything from their influencers. And this is one of the most vital reasons why influencers buy Instagram followers.

Now, you must be having one question in your mind. And that is what!! Yes! You are reading it right. As Instagram is one of the biggest social media stages, it is widely influencing the lives of millions of users. So, these days to gain popularity, people/businesses buy Instagram likes/ followers. 

So why do people buy Instagram followers?

Becoming an influencer with a lot of followers is like a brand. Although, you may be having fake followers users will start believing in you. And they would start following you as well. This is only because; they are blind to the numbers of followers you have. So, this would make you a good platform to advertise. As people will passionately believe you, you can sell almost anything and everything to them.

So, businesses these days use the same method to market their products as well. They buy Instagram photo likes to strengthen their hold in the market; and when a potential customer sees such a trending post with a huge amount of like they will start using the products. So, this is why businesses nowadays adopted the method of buying Instagram followers to reach out to their market.

Are they really worth it?

No matter if you are an influencer or want to gain strength in the market presence, buying Instagram is no doubt the shortest path to achieving your goal. But are they really worth it? The fake followers that you are buying are nothing but Instagram bots.

This means there are agencies out there that are creating these bots. And they are doing it to sell these bots so that they can help you increase your followers. But do you know in some cases, these bots can take the images and identity of a real person? Isn’t that threatening? 

Inactive accounts

Further, as these dummy accounts are only created to increase your followers, there are cases when you might not get the interaction that you want. This is because; these are inactive dummy accounts, and they cannot perform their actions themselves. For example, suppose your post resembles a social issue, you may get likes. But you won’t get the response in the comments that you want. 

Hidden from an authentic audience 

If you buy Instagram followers, you may get the likes that you want. But your post would not interactive and engaging without comments on it. So, in such cases, it will stay limited to the inauthentic audience, and will not reach the authentic audience. And that makes it clear that buying a follower is not worth it.


Winding up this article, here is the conclusion that clearly states that buying Instagram followers is not worth it. However, it completely depends on you. You have all the freedom to decide whether you want to gain organic followers/ inorganic followers.